About Us

The Practical Use of Technology in the Real World

Integrating Technology in Life

We are creative integrators of  hardware, software, electronic components, sensors and communications technology to build systems for Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) and other real world data, control, monitor applications.

Our team brings several lifetimes of experience in agriculture, technology, industrial design, electronics, computer information science (CIS), construction, and general business to the table. We were repairing television sets and guitar amps in the 1970's.  We were programming and building computers in the 70's and 80's.  We have worked in technology, networking, programming, telemetry, SCADA, logistics, construction, industrial design and engineering, business development and agriculture.  We are old, knowledgeable and experienced.

Who Is Gray Box Technology

We are the technical development and application group of Indoor Growers World, a Nashville Tennessee based Controlled Environment Agriculture equipment, supply and support company.  We develop products, methods, technology and applications to support farmers and growers.  We work with growers of edible, medicinal, and ornamental plants.  We provide practical solutions for everyday tasks and needs.  We integrate readily available components with software both on device and on the cloud.  We believe in the Right To Repair products you buy.  Sustainability is based on using and maintaining equipment and not throwing it in the landfill and replacing.  We are open to new application requests and custom needs.  We answer the phone and answer questions.  Reach out.

We Integrate a Variety of Systems and Technologies

Operator in helmet and with laptop at station checking the operation of solar power plant.


Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA).  We gather data and facilitate controlling real world processes.  Integrating an Artificial Intelligent (AI) component takes it to the next level.
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Long Range Networking

On farm, cross country, building to building, greenhouse to greenhouse - we offer long range networking services and support.  Wired or wireless.  Support for data acquisition applications.
Old Telephone System


We all still live by the telephone.  We automate phone tasks.  We provide telecom services - focusing on VOIP systems and custom applications.  You want it to happen - we can make it work.
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Custom software development for data acquisition, web based applications, AI support, process automation, data mining and analysis, email automation, response automation, and custom apps.
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Announcements, data display, menus, dashboards, data acquisition displays, news, RSS feeds, real estate, instore marketing and promotions and anything else to share publicly or in private.
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We automate marketing systems. Real time variable data PDF generation, email, SMS, telephone automation, call time temp systems, direct mail systems, customer presence detection systems.

Why the Name Gray Box Technology

We are supporters of Open and Shared Technology.  We have found an existence between open source and completely closed commercial.

A Black Box refers to a closed system.  Inputs give Outputs with no awareness of what happens in the system.  A White Box would be a totally open system.

We are not totally open, as in open source, open hardware.  We are somewhere in the middle.  We use a number of open source/hardware components, while keeping our software proprietary.  We have chosen this approach to allow our customers to maintain or repair our products.  Sustainability and the Customer’s Right to Repair is key to our design philosophy.